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Account Setup

  • Access to the water jet is limited to CSAIL members who have taken the water jet training course taught by Ron Wiken.
  • In addition to a CSAIL account, a separate account on the machine is necessary to operate the water jet.
  • Note: If you allow someone else to access your account and use the machine, you will lose the ability to operate the water jet.
  • Any abuse of the machine will result in your access being revoked.

General Machine Usage Etiquette

  • You must wear eye protection when operating the jet.
  • Ear protection is recommended and is available in the water jet room.
  • Clean up after you are finished using the machine. This includes any water that may have spilled on/over the machine. There is a mop as well as some paper towels in the room.
  • Any stock must be put away. No stock is to be left in the water jet room.
  • The door must be closed when the machine is in use.
  • When emptying garnet into the plastic hopper it is important to make sure that nothing contaminates the garnet. First clean the bags of any debris with compressed air. Use only a sharp knife to cut open the bags, making sure that no residue from the bags mixes with the garnet. If any garnet spills on the floor, throw it away. Do not add it to the hopper.

Getting Started on the Water Jet

  • Turn on the main power, which is located on the wall in the pump room.
  • Turn the pump on (red switch on the front of the pump) (Note: only turn on the charge pump (the black switch) 5 minutes prior to operating the water jet).
  • Turn on the air and water, which are located against the wall behind the water jet. Note that, for the short term, turning on/off the water requires a stick. This will be changed soon.
  • Switch on the controller box, located on the left of the jet (the red switch).
  • Power up the computer (the switch is located behind the door under the monitor).
  • Switch on the charge pump 5 minutes prior to running the jet.

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