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32-262 Video Conference Room

Please, let us know a day or two in advance if you'd like our help in setting up a video conference, we will want to setup a test with the other side to confirm everything is working properly.

Room Technical Info

80 inch Sharp LED TV (new Summer 2015)

HDMI Connection

VGA w/audio Connection

Polycom Speakerphone 6173247451 (can connect up to 2 more parties with audio only conferencing)

Logitech ConferenceCam? CC3000e Video Conferencing Unit With Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone (new Summer 2015)

Tandberg 85MXP Video Conferencing Unit (old system)

We stronly reccomend using the new LogitechConferenceCam? for video conferencing. The Logitech ConferenceCam? is a HD USB camera that has an external speakerphone. This will give you the best video/audio quality and most flexibilty. You can use this unit with your own laptop to use whatever client you prefer for conferencing and sharing presentations. You can also use just the Logitech Speakerphone with your cell phone or any Bluetooth compatible device as an external mic/speakerphone for your audio conference.

The old Tandberg85MXP? is still available to make calls connecting to other compatible devices. Really the only case where this should be used over the Logitech is if you are trying to connect via an ISDN video connection (which is very expensive for the Institute). You can share your screen with the Tandberg but the quality is exteremly poor. (Please let us know if you need to share presentations with the Tandberg unit as we have a VGA cable in the cabinet for this)

Using The Logitech ConfereceCam? CC3000e

(This is the camera mounted on the right)

  • Turn on the TV with Sharp Remote.

  • To display your computer on the screen plug in the HDMI or VGA cable on the table into your laptop. (If you’re using VGA make sure you plug the audio cable into your headphone jack as well).

  • Press TV (at the top left of the remote) then Input (middle right of the remote) and select Input 1 HDMI 1 for HDMI connection or Input 8 PC for VGA connection. Your machine should now be displayed on the TV

  • Plug the USB cable (marked Logitech camera) on table into your laptop. The Logitech camera should start moving and Logitech speakerphone will light up blue. This camera can be controlled by the Logitech Remote or using the buttons on the Logitech Speakerphone.

  • Log into your video conference client (Skype, Google Hangout, Webex) and in the programs settings/preferences menu you need to configure the ConferenceCam? CC3000e Speakerphone as your Microphone, The ConferenceCam? CC3000e Camera as your Camera.

You must be logged into your conference client (Skype, Google Hangout, Webex) and have the ConferenceCam? configured as your default camera in order for the camera to completely turn on.

  • To use the TV as your audio output select SHARP HDMI TV as your speakers if you are using HDMI or select Built-in Output if you are using VGA (remember to have the audio cable plugged into your headphone jack).

  • Start your conference.

Using The Tandberg 85MXP

Note that the Tandberg’s system’s input should be set to Video 1. Use Sharp Remote, TV Input Button to change the Video1 input6.
The only things you normally have to do is turn on the TV and make certain the camera is facing the correct direction (and is on).
The system is controlled and run through the tandberg remote control. If the remote is not in the room, please contact TIG immediately.

To initiate a call:
1. Press green phone handset button on Tandberg remote control, which will bring up the call window.

Use the numeric pad on the remote to type in the number / IP adddress you are trying with whom you wish to connect (for IP addresses, press the asterisk, *, button to toggle between * and . )

To hang up a call:
1. Press the red handset button , followed by the OK button in response to the resulting window.

2. Followed by the OK button in response to the resulting window which will pop up.


(Very low quality sharing quality we suggest using Logitech camera share slides and presentations)

You can transmit presentations from laptops via the VGA cable in the cabinet. Connect your machine to the VGA cable and press the “Presentation” button on the Tandberg to transmit it to the other side of the call or the “Self-View" button to project your display on the video screen.

  • H.320 is an ITU-T standard addressing video telephony specifications over ISDN and other circuit switched networks and services.

    For H.320 (ISDN) calls, the phone number(s) needed depend on the age of the connecting system and types of lines
    installed. Most video conference systems only require the primary number: 617-258-0340.

    The systems will then negotiate their bandwidth and set up additional connections as needed. Each phone number represents 2 B Channels of an ISDN line. Occasionally, the person coordinating the call mentions needing a 2x64 or 2x56 connection. This means their system dials each B channel separately. They need only dial the phone number above twice to make the connection.

    Far less often is the need for the other numbers for the system, but just in case they are:

Quick summary of Technical Specs for the Tandberg:

  • Room: 262
  • System: Tandberg 85MXP
  • ISDN Phone numbers Max speed - 384
    • Primary ISDN number: 617-258-0340
    • Secondary ISDN number: 617-258-0341
    • Tertiary ISDN: 617-258-0354
  • IP Address Max speed - 1152 :
  • VOIP number: 617-324-8242
  • Schedule:Schedule Now (CSAIL Certificates required)
  • Documentation: T85MXP_User_Manual.pdf
  • Video Tutorial:from Tandberg site Flash required to view
  • Problems:

Using The Logitech ConferenceCam? Speakerphone as a Bluetooth Conference Phone

  • Make sure your device has Bluetooth Enabled.

  • On the Logitech Speakerphone hold down the Bluetooth button on the left side of the touchpad.

  • Connect to ConferenceCam? CC3000e on your Bluetooth compatible device and your device should now be synced to the speakerphone (the audio from your mobile device will now come out of the speakerphone and you will be using speakerphone as your microphone as well).

Any questions/problems please contact (617-253-6466) You can also come find us down the hall in 32-270

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